Mtro. Job Cesar Romero Reyes / RECTOR

“Anytime is time to learn”

UMAD, a successful, vibrant and forward-looking University.

At UMAD, we have the highest aspirations for our students. Within a community that promotes the importance of shared values, we seek to foster a true enthusiasm for learning and research spirit.

Firmly based on Christian principles, UMAD is a joyful, competitive and inclusive community. Academic achievements are highly valued, while the search of excellence in other fields is fundamental in providing the best professional tools.

Education is a work of trust between people and hope for the future. As an Institution, we manage to maintain a high-quality level and we feel proud to belong to one of the best higher education facilities.

Ranked as one of the best Universities in the State of Puebla and unique in its offer of Academic Support Services. Here at the UMAD we are working on our 2025 Vision: “to be a Global Educational Community of the highest academic and technological level.”

Building a better future is the core of our education here at UMAD. We have in our DNA ,the conviction that each person has talents to be discovered and nurtured; our challenge is to develop these talents in a pleasant and trusting environment.

I invite you to come and see for yourself what makes UMAD a unique learning environment.

“Per aspera ad astra”

Job César Romero Reyes

President of the Madero University System