1. Accounting and International Finances
  2. Business Management and Innovation
  3. Communication and Multimedia
  4. Engineering in Information and Internet Technologies
  5. Software Engineering
  6. Fashion Design
  7. Foreign Languages
  8. Graphic Design, Art and Media
  9. Image and Public Relations
  10. Industrial Engineering and Business Profitability
  11. International Trade and Customs Law
  12. Law
  13. Marketing
  14. Mechatronics Engineering
  15. Organizations Management and Development
  16. Psychology
  17. Tourism Management

Welcome to Universidad Madero

Universidad Madero (UMAD), located in Puebla City currently has 17 undergraduate programs, with a permanent offer of 83 continuing education courses, placing it among the top five best universities in Puebla.

Nowadays, Universidad Madero, committed with offering the highest educational quality standards, is renowned by the FIMPES (Federation of Private Mexican Higher Education Institutions) and certificated in the Teaching‐Learning Process under the Quality Standard ISO 9001:2000.

UMAD’s educational model stimulates the intellectual curiosity, develops and promotes a positive attitude towards life, the environment and a deep respect to every person.

All of our agreements with our partners universities are bilateral, if you are a student interested in applying for an exchange program with us, we recommend you to contact your International office for more information.

Requirements for international students

1. Minimal average of 8.5 or its equivalent (3.0 GPA or B average), based on the Grading Scale and on the standards of each international university.

2. Students whose first language is not Spanish must provide a letter from a Spanish professor from their home institution assuring the student is fluent in the Spanish language.

3. Properly fill out, sign, and send the application for enrollment by the following dates:

The last Friday in June for the fall semester of August-December.
The last Friday in October for the spring semester of January-May.

*Remember that your International Office have to nominate you, we cannot accept personal applications.

4. Provide a letter of recommendation from a professor of the home institution.

5. Provide a letter explaining the personal, academic and cultural reasons for which you wish to participate in the exchange program at Madero University and the expectations thereof.

6. A letter of financial solvency assuring that the student has sufficient economical resources to cover the personal, housing and food expenses for the entire duration of the exchange period in Mexico.

7. Fill out and sign the applicant’s commitment letter and the letter of acceptance and acknowledgement from the parent or guardian.

8. Select at least 3 subjects and at most 5 per semester, based on the Academic Programs offered by the University.

9. Arrive in Puebla and visit UMAD 3 to 5 days before the beginning of the semester to finalize course schedules, living arrangements and for orientation, (dates for orientation will be given by the Department of International Relations via email).

10. To consult the Academic Program go to: www.umad.edu.mx, click on the Oferta Educativa tab and select Licenciaturas.


Please refer to the following documents to know more about Universidad Madero and living in Mexico.